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United Energies MTOI signs license agreement for wind industry establishment in Kazakhstan

05 July 2016

In June 2016 United Energies MTOI signed a license agreement for the establishment of a national wind industry in Kazakhstan. Wind industry development encompasses technology transfer and capacity building for the production of UE DirectDrive wind turbines in Kazakhstan and in the Caspian region. The time schedule for inauguration of the first production hall is ambitious: before the Expo 2017 starts in Astana.

In 2012, the Kazakh capital Astana was chosen to host the Expo in 2017. Kazakhstan has favorable conditions for the use of renewable energy and has set aspiring objectives for the expansion of renewable energy, particularly in light of the upcoming Expo with the theme „Future Energy“ – solutions for tackling mankind’s greatest challenge.

According to government plans, the share of electricity from wind, solar, small hydro and biogas power plants are supposed to increase to 3 percent of the total electricity production in Kazakhstan by 2020. This means an installed capacity of more than 3,000 MW in the next four years. Another longterm strategy for Kazakhstan pursues the goal of generating 50 percent of all power from alternative energy sources until 2050.

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About us

United Energies MTOI is a Spanish manufacturer of wind power systems and specialist for gearless wind turbines in the 1.67 to 2.5 MW power class. The UE DirectDrive turbine family offers with its simplicity and modularity a long lifespan, high reliability and reduced maintenance costs while the highly developed control electronics maximises the energy output. This results in an increase of availability and, at the end, of profitability of the wind energy project.

Industry Development

Technology Transfer & Capacity Building

Founded in 1998 as part of the Research, Development and Implementation (RDI) program at M.TORRES Group, United Energies started producing wind turbines in 2001. In 2015, the Swiss investment company SwissEnergy AG acquired the wind turbine technologist and manufacturer to turn it into a high-tech wind industry developer providing emerging markets with solutions, to handle the increased interest in renewable energy sources and to export an industry for the production of wind turbines to the places of electricity demand.

During the technology transfer process, United Energies MTOI is offering different scopes of works with the final aim of local wind turbine manufacturing, local supply chain development and installation, maintenance and operation of the wind farms. The selected scope will depend on specific project needs, and it can be done in stages in order to minimise risks and initial investments.

The full scope includes a license for: manufacturing, selling, quality assuring, installation, commissioning, and operation & maintenance of a high-tech direct drive wind turbine (UE 1.67 DirectDrive).

United Energies MTOI aims to a close cooperation between parties as an important social and ethic business objective, offering a “shared experiences network” providing room for learning, participation and improvements.

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