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Direct Drive Turbine

Today’s challenge is to manage and meet growing worldwide demand for secure and affordable energy while addressing climate change and other environmental and social issues. With the absence of hydraulic elements and a gearless design, the UE DirectDrive turbine family handles any kind of landscape challenges from hot and sandy deserts to frozen tundras.


Industry Development

United Energies developed a strong license strategy for emerging markets to provide access to approved technology for a successful and efficient set-up of a local or national wind industry, made by technology transfer & capacity building.

Industry Development

Scope of Work

How can we serve you? With an experience of more than 15 years of Direct Drive Turbine production United Energies is not only providing gearless wind generators. United Energies is also offering industry solutions for component production of wind turbines to meet the local content requirements.

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In Kazakhstan the affiliated company “TOO United Energies Aktobe” will sign an investment contract with the Kazakhstan state committee of investments at the EXPO in Astana in July 2017. Within 3 years an industry for the production of wind turbine components and a testing and training centre for renewable energies shall be established in the oblast of Aktobe.

Direct Drive Turbine

Industry Development

UE Industry Establishment – Technology Transfer & Capacity Building

What are the profits in relation to capital invested? Policy makers are anxious to obtain the greatest benefits for their national economies. One important theme of such policies is the so-called local content, a potential to stimulate broad-based business development. The wind energy sector generates further benefits to the national economy beyond jobs in construction and maintenance. Over an installation capacity of only 250 MW a tailored wind industry can be profitable with high rates of return. Local content requirements foster technology transfer for wind turbine assembling, generator fabrication, steel tower production or rotor blade manufacturing and also intensive capacity building through concerted staff training.

In 2015, the Swiss investment company SwissEnergy AG acquired the wind turbine technologist and manufacturer MTOI to turn it into a high-tech wind industry developer providing emerging markets with solutions, to handle the increased interest in renewable energy sources and to export an industry for the production of wind turbines to the places of electricity demand.

During the technology transfer process, United Energies is offering different scopes of works with the final aim of local wind turbine manufacturing, local supply chain development and installation, maintenance and operation of the wind farms. The selected scope will depend on specific project needs, and it can be done in stages in order to minimise risks and initial investments.

The full scope includes a license for: manufacturing, selling, quality assuring, installation, commissioning, and operation & maintenance of a high-tech wind turbine. United Energies aims to a close cooperation between parties as an important social and ethic business objective, offering a “shared experiences network” providing room for learning, participation and improvements.


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